Mariana Granados


Hello everyone, my name is Mariana. I grew up in Grand Prairie, Texas with my mom and dad. Growing up I was shy, it was hard for me to speak in front of people or get my point across. Feeling like the outcast in daily life was what I considered normal. Never did I imagine that having a career in the entertainment industry was a possibility for me. Since being quiet and shy was in my nature, it never seemed idealistic. Then one day, I volunteered to take part in the audio and visual crew at my church. This was out of the ordinary for me since I had never volunteered to do anything before. Since I was eleven years old when I did this, I knew I had a lot to prove seeing how young I was. After that day I fell in love with working in a creative environment. That was the day things started to change for me. I started to see myself develop and become more confident in myself and my ability. From then on, I continued to work with the audio and visual crew. By the time I was sixteen, I had started to work as the lead creator of events and fundraisers for my church. At the same this was going on I also started going to high school. I joined a club called Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America or FCCLA. During my first year in the club, I co-organized a project for children at Mission Arlington. The whole point of the project was to bring Christmas to underprivileged children.

My co-organizer and I planned every single detail from volunteers to donations.

We took this to competition, but we didn’t place. Disappointed would be an

understatement, but I kept on working and coming up with new ideas.

My second project with the organization was a female empowerment

project. We passed around homemade decorated crowns to girls with

a positive uplifting note. The project went to competition where we

placed 2nd at regionals and 3rd at state. I would say I was a

planning and visionary type of person throughout my whole life.

I would set a goal for myself or my team and I would be as prepared

as one can be for any turbulence that came my way. I keep working

on my self- confidence and having a good work ethic. I would be

lying if I said I have never given up on anything. I can tell you

though, before I say I give up I make sure to test all options or 

plans I have. If plan A does not work, I go to plan B or plan C,

and so on. If a door closes there is always a window.


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