• Mariana Granados


Updated: Jun 5, 2020

18-year-old Tara Demers was seeing a lot of types of art going around and decided to create her own version. This was the birth of what is now known as Bad Crystal Art. Seeing that “normal” art was not an easy route she created a fun and creative style that everyone can do plus enjoy. Ms. Demers would pick any picture she likes and color over the picture. By using the eyedropper tool this made the picture fun, creative and innovative style. Bad Crystal Art was the reason many would smile or feel good about themselves. Many leaving reviews and comments on posts like “I love this” or “I'm so honored”. This page is getting noticed by big names like the Jonas Brothers, Michael Clifford, and many more. This account's only purpose was for entertainment. Due to the success of the page it led Demers to meet people, gain new friendships, and even potential job offers. Seeing as this page is a little over a year old, I can predict many more great things to come Demers way.

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